All this pressure,

turns into anxiety, depression, or aggression

which we bottle up inside,

So that no one sees it from outside

and we look fine

like, there is nothing on our mind.

But there is a lot we are living through

but who really cares.

Come on, I hear it, it’s in the air.

But all we want is that it fades in days.

So, nobody sees its haze.

But our persistence

to hide its existence,

is what leads it to penetrate among the young minds.

Who don’t even know what’s real in this bogus world

that we hold.

If I see it, I see through my eyes.

I see it through my sight.

Even if it’s dark outside,

I know I’m alright.

But when it begins to shine,

There’s a lot of shimmer on the rise.

Which I can’t handle so, I’ll stay up all night.

And see the stars shine even when it’s dark outside.

And reach a point where I realize it doesn’t matter,

how dark it is outside but what matters is,

How much light we need to shine bright,

Even if it’s Dark Outside.

How I feel During a Lockdown

It smothers me now,
But I don’t think there’s a way out.
I‘ve been here for days
But I don’t think there’s a way out.

I know it has been difficult these days to just roam around because the whole world is undergoing a lockdown.
But I think things have quite changed,
Because everyone has their own space.

Everyone is going live,
And I am going online because we can't go out right now.
But I think we need to move on,
Because I think its life and this is how it’s going to be right now.

Ananya Sharma

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